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Macarthur Suzuki—trusted Car Dealer

Suzuki is one of the leading multinational automotive companies in the world with production plants scattered from Asia to Europe and with dealership in almost all corners and nooks around the globe. In America, it was awarded as the fastest growing automotive company in 2000 and in Australia; it has a significant market share in the industry.

Suzuki Motor Corporation

The company got its name from its founder and first president, Machio Suzuki who traces his roots in the coastal town of Hamamatsu in Tokyo area. It would be astonishing to know that this multi-national company started as a loom business; very far from its current business type. Suzuki-san started as loom business manufacturing textiles and eventually grew and was a big success. The automotive aspect of Suzuki came when its founder needed a reliable mode of transportation for his loom business. And as the clichĂ© goes, “the rest is history”.

Suzuki in Australia

After the introduction of the Suzulight, Suzuki’s first mass produced car, the company grew and conquered the international market. Suzuki first ventured in Australia in 1980 but their main product were generator motors instead of automotives. With Sydney as its first local branch, Suzuki’s investment progressed into what it is best known today – automobiles and motorcycles. One of the most popular model vehicles of Suzuki are Swift, Grand Vitara, SX4 and Jimny Sierra.

suzuki dealership in Macarthur

Macarthur Motor Group is a trusted car dealer in Australia that gives the locals in the countryside a taste of world class automobiles. With their strong reputation in the community, there is no doubt why the company takes Suzuki under its wing; dealing with the best Suzuki automobiles for a number of years. Suzuki cars are compact, reliable, affordable – perfect for anyone living in the area and Macarthur effectively gives these Suzuki cars to the community for a long time already with positive feedbacks from their clients. As part of Macarthur’s general services of pre-owned vehicles, Macarthur Suzuki is the best place to find the best pre-owned Suzuki cars.

Macarthur Suzuki vs. other local Suzuki dealers

With more than twenty other local dealers of Suzuki vehicles in New South Wales Area, Macarthur is still one of the leading car dealers. Other dealers cannot be at par with Macarthur Suzuki’s excellent customer services and dealership financing arrangements.

Macarthur has the most well-trained and knowledge staff that sets them apart from other dealers in the area. With outstanding staff, customers of Macarthur are always assured with quality service in getting a Suzuki vehicle. They have a service center that caters special needs for customers’ Suzuki cars like wheel alignments, and other maintenance.

As for car financing, with Macarthur Suzuki the process is fast and very affordable. Customers will be happy to avail Macarthur Suzuki’s financing arrangements like low interest, no deposit, insurance and reliable quotes.

To end up, with all the facts presented above, there is no doubt why Macarthur Suzuki is Australia’s top local car dealers. Everyone who wants to own a Suzuki vehicle should pay Macarthur Suzuki a visit.

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