Selasa, 16 Maret 2010

Yamaha - New Launches in India

YAMAHA, the big daddy of biking world has launched an assault on the Indian 2 wheeler market in 2008. It has finally woken up from a dormant state and has decided to go full throttle in order to increase its visibility and market share in India. The Japanese motorcycle major has taken initial strides in transforming itself from a fringe player to a mainstream player in the Indian two wheeler market.

Yamaha has wisely dug deep into its glorious past and has come out with 2 amazingly engineered machines that bike enthusiasts in India have been craving for. These bikes have taken the Indian two wheeler market by storm. With these offerings Yamaha has severely jolted its competitors, who have become increasingly insecure after these launches. It has forced its competitors to go back to the drawing board and think hard to meet the standards set by them. It has truly raised the bar sky high and its going to be incredibly tough for its competitors. The two bikes are YZF R15 and FZ16. With these two launches, Yamaha is all set to recapture its share in the Indian two wheeler market. These 2 bikes have taken up the herculean task of promoting and re-establishing the Yamaha brand in India.

The launch of YZF R15 did elicit a roaring response from the Indian audience. The bike has been touted as India’s first superbike. Though at the heart of the machine lies a 150cc engine, its the overall package that has accentuated the bikes' performance and appeal. One can see the other vehicles evaporate in the rear view mirror when riding this beast.
The body is heavily inspired from the legendary YAMAHA R1 which has enthralled audiences all over the world for many years. The alluring bike has a neatly crafted body which does justice to its macho image. The evil twin headlamps at the front are beautifully sinister. The bike scores high in the looks department. This bike also has some brilliant engineering which catapults it, way ahead of its competitors. A cleverly engineered fuel injection system replaces the antiquated carburetor. The 6 speed gearbox packs a powerful punch. The process of shifting the gears is smooth and promises an effortless riding experience. A liquid cooled engine (first of its kind in India) dissipates heat faster and hence is more efficient. The bike has superb cornering ability and offers excellent ride quality. This bike has been a divine blessing for youngsters who have been deprived of good quality bikes for years. It has instilled the Racing instinct in youngsters.

The other bike from the Yamaha stable which was launched in latter half of 2008 is the macho FZ16. This bike has a more naked and earthy appeal. This seductive beauty has a robust construction and a neatly chiseled gas tank. The tires are wide and offer amazing road grip. This bike has attracted eyeballs from all quarters of the two wheeler industry and has set the pulses racing. With its killer looks coupled with brilliant performance this bike is all set to be the leader in the 150cc segment. The bike has a muscular and raw look which has gone down well with the Indian audience. Clearly beating all its rivals in the 150cc segment, it is on its way to being crowned "the lord of the streets". The engineering on this bike may not be as advanced as the YZF R15 but it surely is a high performance and value for money bike. It offers much more than a regular 150cc bike. It is an owners' delight and is priced perfectly.

YAMAHA has truly "touched the hearts" of bike lovers in this part of the world. By unleashing these bikes, it has stamped its authority in the premium bike category and has plans to come out with more such machines in the near future, and for once, no one is complaining. Bring it on!

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